Langley with Hardley is a small village about 12 miles south east of Norwich in the Yare valley and approximately a mile east of Loddon.  It covers an area of 15.09 km2   (5.83 sq mi) and had a population of 489 in 161 households at the 2001 census, reducing marginally to 488 at the 2011 census.

Photo of village sign when entering Langley

When Parish Councils were introduced in 1894, each village formed their own.  The two existed side by side until 1928 when they were amalgamated.  At this time there was much discussion as to the name, some members wanting to drop the name of Hardley all together.  However there were so many objections from the Hardley parishioners that the name of Langley-with-Hardley was adopted.  Even though there is now one Parish Council, the villages maintain their separateness in many ways, with Langley at one end of the village and Hardley at the other.  The village sign was erected as near as possible to the boundary, with Langley depicted on one side and Hardley on the reverse.

Photo of village sign when entering Hardley

The north parish boundary runs along the River Yare and much of the parish is drained marshland.   Langley Dyke and Hardley Dyke are on the River Yare and are part of the Norfolk Broads and both offer private moorings.

On the parish website you will find  useful information about  forthcoming activities as well as local news and general information.

Photos, information, suggestions, ideas and details of forth coming events are always most welcome.  Kindly contact parish clerk on tel 07516 361239 or alternatively email  [email protected]













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